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Don Craig

Photographer's Bio

Don Craig a photographer and graphic designer for the Province of British Columbia. In his spare time, he also shoots freelance jobs and documents life through personal photography projects. In his work, Don photographs events, portraits, documentary images and photos for communications projects. Don is a Fujifilm X-photographer and he carries a Fujifilm camera wherever he goes...

You can see Don’s work and read his blog at www.doncraigphoto.com

Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/doncraigphoto

Photographer's Testimonial

Fujifilm X-cameras and Fujinon XF lenses make beautiful images, while providing me with one of the best shooting experiences I have ever had.

The XF50-140mm f2.8 lens is a working professional’s go-to lens. It is built to work hard and in difficult weather and lighting conditions. The weather sealing is reassuring when I’m shooting an event outside in less than ideal conditions. The fast, constant maximum aperture of f/2.8 is a lifesaver when shooting inside or in any low light situation. Shooting wide open also provides you with the shallowest depth of field. Just what I want in a long telephoto lens.

It is robust in size and build. Although smaller and lighter than it’s full-frame counterparts, it is still a significant lens. Fronted on my X-T1 with the battery grip, it is well balanced. The excellent optical stabilization means that I can shoot hand-held at slow shutter speeds. With this lens, it is the movement of my subjects and not the size of the lens that means I need to shoot at 1/125 of a second.

I anticipated having this lens since I switched to Fujifilm X-cameras. I was so sure that it would be a great lens that I purchased it without trying it. The XF50-140mm f/2.8 lens has not disappointed! I am thrilled with it’s performance and the images it produces.

Photographer's Work

[Photo] Sample Image

A portrait of my wife taking a photo of me taking a photo of her. This is what this lens was meant for, in my opinion. That is photographing people. Shot wide open, the subject is sharp while the shallow depth of field isolates her in the frame while still giving a context for the photo. Out-of-camera JPEG.

[Photo] Sample Image

Another work portrait from an annual event which features a country and western band. This time, instead of shooting wide open, I made this image at 50mm and f/5.6 in order to keep other band members recognizable while focusing on the keyboard player. Out-of-camera JPEG.

[Photo] Sample Image

This image was captured while shooting for a local theatre. Prior to the start of a production, the actors are interviewed before a live audience. The reach of the lens allows me to get in close enough to capture the expressions and humour that characterized these actors and their play.

[Photo] Sample Image

The start of each sitting of the B.C. Legislative Assembly is announced by the Speech from the Throne. The speech is delivered by the Lt. Governor of the province at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria. The rising of the Lt. Governor’s flag announces her arrival. The zoom lens is perfect for finding the right angle of view to capture the flag with the “Golden Man” in the background at the top of the building’s dome. Out-of-camera JPEG.

[Photo] Sample Image

This is classic image from Her Honour’s inspection of the assembled troops, prior to entering the Legislative Assembly and delivering the Speech from the Throne. Shot at 140mm and f/2.8, this images is a great example of what makes the XF40-150mm lens perfect for event photography. The Lt. Governor is in sharp focus, while the leading line of soldiers and sailors proceed and recede out of focus, insuring that she is the clear subject of the composition. Out-of-camera JPEG.

[Photo] Sample Image

A portrait while shooting a work event. This time, it is a member of the Women’s National Rugby Seven squad visiting the grounds of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria. Good light and a stellar lens combine to make a strong image. Out-of-camera JPEG.

[Photo] Sample Image

This image is from a documentary I shot on the closing of the Queen’s Printer press room. I spent the day in the press room as the last jobs were run, before the 150-year-old operation was shut down. The XF50-140mm lens was perfect for capturing intimate portraits, unobtrusively, of the pressmen as they worked. Shot hand-held at a slow shutter speed.

[Photo] Sample Image

A image captured during the production of a local opera company. Shot during dress rehearsal,the images are used for promotion of the production. Shooting in the darkened theatre with good stage lighting can produce dramatic images, given a high-quality, fast zoom and a camera with exceptional high-ISO performance. In the XF40-150mm f/2.8 lens and the X-T1 camera I have both.