X Series


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Next-Gen Wireless Connectivity

Automatic transfer with Bluetooth®

The FUJIFILM X-T30 can be paired with a smart device with Bluetooth® for always on connection*, enabling automatic transfer of pictures you take to share quickly on social media. The connection also enables other functions, such as remote shooting from a smartphone / computer, viewing of pictures taken on your device, and printing direct to an Instax printer.

FUJIFILM Camera Remote

FUJIFILM's free application for use on smart devices has been updated making it easier to use. It offers a wide range of functions including automatic image transfer, remote shooting, individual photo upload, camera browsing and geo-tagging, using your devices' GPS and time information.

Download FUJIFILM Camer Remote

RAW Developing Software

RAW Developing Tools to assist with achieving your creative vision.

Capture One Express FUJIFILM [FREE]*1

This software is a RAW Developing Tool that provides access to FUJIFILM's Film Simulations in post-production. It is also can assist with cataloging photos.

Download Capture One Express FUJIFILM


Connect the X-T30 with a USB cable to a computer to take advantage of the camera's image processing engine to develop RAW files. This can speed up processing time and lessen the likelihood of losing image quality.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC

This RAW developing software is a useful tool not only for processing RAW files but also cataloging your photos. It also supports Film Simulation modes.

FUJIFILM X Acquire [FREE] **

This software can save and export camera settings, which is useful when you want to backup your settings or share them among multiple FUJIFILM X-T30 cameras.

Download FUJIFILM X Acquire
Download RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 3.0 powered by SILKYPIX

Capture One Pro / Capture One Pro FUJIFILM (Optional)

This work-flow software is an extended version of Capture One Express FUJIFILM and offers a broader range of functions and powerful editing capabilities. It is available to purchase from Phase One's website.

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  • * See Phase One website for details of supported cameras
  • ** Available as free download from here