X Series


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Intuitive Design with Comfortable Controls

The FUJIFILM X-T30's reflects the X Series design philosophy.

Every element of the camera's design has been made with the user in mind. From the dial-based operation, to the compact, lightweight body with its convenient touch-screen and well-hidden built-in flash, the FUJIFILM X-T30 uses every opportunity in its construction to evoke a passion and desire to capture moments and immerse users into the world of content creation.

Wide variety of shooting modes to suit any shooting conditions

You can choose from "Manual" to choose exposure settings yourself, "Aperture Priority" to prioritize the depth of field and Bokeh - background blur effect in your image, "Shutter Speed Priority" to ensure capturing motion in your subject or "Program" to leave the choice of aperture and shutter speed to the camera. You can also opt for the "Advanced SR Auto" for intelligent, fully-automatic shooting.

Control Mode

You can select "Program," "Shutter Speed Priority," "Aperture Priority" and "Manual" by using a combination of the Shutter Speed Dial and the Aperture Ring on the lens. The Exposure Compensation Dial also allows you to adjust exposure by up to ±5 stops*.

Auto Mode

When using the Advanced SR Auto mode, the camera automatically selects the optimum shooting settings from 58 preset scenes.

Advanced SR Auto mode

When the Advanced SR Auto mode is selected, the camera examines the scene and automatically selects optimum autofocus and exposure settings. This mode is useful for situations where it is difficult to determine the right exposure settings. You only need to press the shutter to obtain high-quality images and capturing perfect photo opportunities.


  • * When using the dial at "C" position