X Series


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Legacy in Color Reproduction

FUJIFILM's unique Film Simulation modes

The FUJIFILM X-T30 offers 16 Film Simulation modes so that you can match your true photographic intention in a similar way to how photographers used to choose purpose-specific photographic films. This unique philosophy reflects Fujifilm’s heritage and color science know-how, nurtured by over 80 years of film manufacturing.


This is a standard option that caters to a variety of situations. It delivers radiant skin tones and vibrant colors in what FUJIFILM calls "memory colors," exactly as you remember them.


This option is characterized with high saturation combined with memory colors. It is perfect for landscape and wildlife photographs with rich blues and vivid primary colors, or for night scenes thanks to its deep blacks.


This option offers soft tones and high saturation at the same time, showcasing radiant skin tones and smooth gradation. It is ideal for outdoor portraits, when you want to ensure vibrant tones in the background.


This option adds an air of profound depth to pictures with subtle colors and muted tones. It is designed primarily to create a unique atmosphere, reminiscent of vintage reversal films.


This is a monochrome option, designed in pursuit for fine textures, deep blacks and rich gradation. It offers the benefit of providing fine details at low ISOs and graininess at high ISOs.

PRO Neg. Hi

This option creates high-contrast portraits even in overcast outdoor conditions or indoor situations with flat lighting. It is characterized by natural skin tones, setting it apart from other options that provide memory colors.

PRO Neg. Std

This option produces realistic and natural skin tones in portraits shot under controlled lighting. Its softer and gentler tones with low saturation create snapshots with a difference


This option is characterized with subdued colors and smooth halftones in shadows, creating the atmosphere of motion pictures.

Special effects that enhance your photographic expressions even further


Color Chrome Effect "Strong"

The FUJIFILM X-T30 offers various effects that can be combined with Film Simulation modes to enhance creativity.

The Color Chrome Effect assists in providing the ability to deepen color saturation and color detail in subjects with highly saturated colors, which can often be difficult to reproduce.

The Monochrome Adjustment function can assist in producing warm and cool blacks in digital photos, which was once achieved in the dark room by using specific photographic papers and developers.

The Grain Effect adds graininess, typically seen in film-based pictures, to digital photos. This provides a film-like texture to a digital image captured on the camera.

In addition to these effects, the camera also provides an ability to adjust highlight tones, shadow tones, sharpness, and other image properties.