X Series


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Feature 3Original X Mount

Designed for maximum performance of the lens, the "X mount" promises excellent image quality. The FUJINON XF lens information is communicated instantly once connected to the original Fujifilm X Mount.

X Mount

Taking full advantage of the mirrorless design, the mount boasts a short 17.7mm flange back distance, a wider opening and deeper mounting of the lens, resulting in reduction of back focus distance to the minimum possible while achieving high resolution extending to the image edge areas. When a FUJINON XF lens is mounted, all lens information is instantly communicated to the body, integrating them into a seamless, responsive instrument.

Fujifilm original “X Mount”

A wider opening and deeper mounting of the lens

  1. 1.Short back focus
    Distance between the rearmost lens element and sensor
    Reduction of the back focus distance and collection of light straight from the lens enhance resolution by preventing loss of light volume.

    XF18mm / Back focus distance: 11.0mm
    XF35mm / Back focus distance: 21.9mm
    XF60mm / Back focus distance: 21.0mm


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.