X Series


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Film Simulation

Film Simulation focus on the philosophy of color-creation

Incorporating knowledge accumulated during over 80 years of film production, Film Simulation allow users to enjoy a rich variety of color and gradation reproductions according to their subject, shooting scene, and expression intent. Users can choose from a total of 15 different types, just as if they were changing films.



PROVIA / Standard Standard mode that accommodates a diverse range of scenes
Velvia / Vivid Reproduction of vivid primary colors. Ideal for landscape and nature photography
ASTIA / Soft Soft tones combined with a saturated pop of colors.
ACROS (+ Ye/R/G FILTER)  New monochrome mode with perfectly rich gradation
CLASSIC CHROME Added tonal depth for a documentary photography look
PRO Neg. Hi Natural skin tone reproduction
PRO Neg. Std Soft tones with low saturation for unique snapshots
MONOCHROME (+ Ye/R/G FILTER) Standard monochrome mode that accommodates a diverse range of scenes
SEPIA Warm sepia tone for a retro effect

Grain Effect

By adding grain to selected photos, it is possible to give photos a texture with a film-like tone. The user can select from OFF, weak, and strong.

Grain Effect OFF

Grain Effect ON (Strong)

A Closer Look

FUJIFILM X-E3 Special Contents

The essence of the camera is embedded in simplified operability.
Not only the design, but also the user experience.
Created in the pursuit of minimalism, the X-E3 will go on to create new expressions.