GFX Series


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Accessories / Workflow



Flash sync speed is up to 1/125sec. When using the optional EF-X500 or compatible third-party studio flash (which supports FP mode) flash sync can be as fast as 1/4000sec. (the maximum shutter speed possible with the mechanical shutter). The camera also caters to a variety of flash settings including multiple flash lighting.


Enables compatibility with H Mount lenses, including SUPER EBC FUJINON HC lenses for GX645AF (discontinued), to be attached to the G Mount. It supports lens shutter operations and aperture priority AE. Focusing is manual only, but the mount features electronic contacts to generate and record lens correction data for individual lenses. A detachable tripod collar foot is included.


Allows you to use a 4x5 view camera on the G Mount in conjunction with old large format FUJINON lenses. This allows you to take advantage of a view camera's characteristic tilt and shift functions while using the focal-plane shutter in the camera body.

Interface for External Connections

The GFX 100’s terminal for external connections features a USB-C port for high speed image transfer, a micro-HDMI port to connect to an external monitor, a microphone input, a headphone jack and a remote shutter release connection. The camera can be powered and charged by connecting an AC power adapter (optional) to the power plug input connector or a USB Power Delivery device to the USB-C port. The camera comes with a cable protector for holding cables in place.

Digital Interface USB Type-C (USB3.2 Gen1 x1)
HDMI Output HDMI Micro Connector (Type D)
DC IN 15V Connecter
*Compatible with AC-15V (Optional) Only
Remote Release Connector ø2.5mm
*Connectable with Remote Release RR-100 (Optional)
Microphone Connector ø3.5mm, Stereo Mini Connector
Headphone Connector ø3.5mm, Stereo Mini Connector
Others Hot Shoe, Synchronized Terninal

Software support

You can set up a photographic workflow including tethering, RAW processing preview, RAW development and image checking by installing compatible software to your computer. This can be achieved using FUJIFILM's own software as well as traditional photo processing applications. Tethered shooting can be achieved by connecting the camera to your computer with a USB cable or setting up a WiFi connection via wireless devices. The IEEE802.11ac has been added to a list of supported wireless protocols to enable data transfer on a 5GHz network.

Capture One Pro(Optional) / Capture One Pro Fujifilm(Optional)

Capture One Pro FUJIFILM is a photographic workflow application* specifically designed for the GFX and X Series cameras and utilizing the diverse and powerful editing functions of Capture One Pro. It is available for purchase from Phase One's website. The software offers a cataloging function to manage your individual images or sessions of shooting, whilst enabling fast and precise control throughout your workflow from tethered shooting to RAW processing. The Capture Pilot function lets you view and check images you have taken wirelessly on a tablet device, etc.

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FUJIFILM X Acquire(Free Download)

FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO(Optional) + Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® Classic CC(Optional)


This unique RAW development software from FUJIFIILM connects a computer installed with X RAW STUDIO and camera via USB cable. The processor in the camera can be used to process RAW files, including large batches of images, without any limitations or delays from your computer.
Offering an optimized environment for the GFX 100, you can get complete image quality including tone, color reproduction, and Film Simulations.


Capture One Express FUJIFILM (Free Download)

This software supports RAW conversion of files from the GFX and X Series range of cameras*. The software uses a unique cataloguing format to manage pictures, enabling fast processing of individual images regardless of the quantity or size. FUJIFILM's unique Film Simulation modes can be applied during RAW conversion so that you can add an artistic flair or traditional film look and feel. This RAW conversion software is available as a free download from Phase One website.

Download Capture One Express FUJIFILM