GFX Series


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Focusing / Continuous shooting

Phase Detection AF System

The GFX 100 is the first GFX that features a phase detection AF system on 55mm diagonal length large format. The GFX 100 has phase detection pixels across the entire sensor and with the X-Processor 4 engine coupled with the latest AF algorithm, is able to focus on a subject at high speed with accuracy even when the subject is away from the center of the frame, even in low light.

Six AF Modes and AF-C Customization

The GFX 100 has six AF modes that cater for all types of subject movement. The AF-S locks focus while the AF-C focuses continuously on a moving subject. These can be combined with focus area options, namely "Single Point," "Zone" and "Wide / Tracking." You can also keep six custom settings for AF-C to adjust “Tracking Sensitivity”, “Speed Tracking Sensitivity” and “Zone Area Switching” according to the characteristics of subject movement.

Tracking Sensitivity

Speed Tracking Sensitivity

Zone Area Switching

Leaf Spring Switch Shutter

The GFX 100 is equipped with a feather touch shutter button that responds to delicate shutter release actions. The button reacts to the subtlest movements of the finger when gripping the camera body firmly in both portrait and landscape orientations. The use of the electronic front-curtain shutter minimizes release time lag to give even greater confidence in shutter operation.

Face/Eye Tracking and Auto Focus

Using the new sensor in conjunction with the X-Processor 4, gives an advanced level of face tracking performance. The photographer has the ability to identify and capture even easier than before, difficult subjects like a person inside profile. In the Eye AF mode, you can even specify which of the subject's eyes you want the camera to prioritize. This is particularly useful in portraiture, which commands focusing accuracy with a very shallow depth of field. The touchscreen panel or Focus Lever can be used to select which of a crowd of faces detected you want the camera to track, focus and adjust exposure to.

Face/Eye Detection Setting

Face Select Touch Panel / Function (Fn) setting

Burst Mode

Continuous shooting is available in two frame rates, i.e. high speed burst at 5.0fps (CH) and low speed burst at 2.0fps, which can be checked in Live View. When the AF-C is selected, the GFX 100 combines it with various phase detection AF modes and face detection to shoot in bursts while tracking and focusing on a moving subject.

CH Approx. 5.0fps JPEG: 41 Frames Lossless compression RAW: 14 Frames Uncompressed RAW: 13 Frames
CL Approx. 2.0fps JPEG: Endless Lossless compression RAW: 20 Frames Uncompressed RAW: 15 Frames
  • * When Using the Electronic Shutter CH continuous shooting speed drops to approx. 2.9fps.
  • * Electronic Front Curtain Shutter support CL only.
  • * Recordable frame depends on recording media.
  • * Speed of continuous shooting depends on shooting environment and shooting frames.