GFX Series


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Sensor / Processor / Mount

55mm diagonal length large format

The GFX Series' use of 55mm diagonal length large format (43.8 x 32.9mm) has paved the way for ultra high image resolution. The GFX 100 delivers smooth gradation and image sharpness with the high resolution sensor. This is made possible thanks to FUJIFILM's expertise in medium format which has been gained since the days of film cameras. Experience the astonishing photographic potential possible with the 100MP+ sensor.

Image Processing Engine

The GFX 100 uses the X-Processor 4, FUJIFILM's latest image processing engine to quickly optimize the data from the fast, high resolution image sensor. Despite the massive amount of data involved, the processor handles it at a speed. You can also apply the Film Simulation modes to 100MP+ image data to achieve FUJIFILM's unique styles of color and tone reproduction.

Startup time 0.4 sec.
Maximum continuous shooting speed 5.0 fps.*
EVF refresh rate Approx.85 fps**


The G Mount, was designed to accommodate GF lenses with 100MP+ sensors in mind. Taking maximum advantage of the mirrorless system, the G Mount has a short flange focal distance which contributes to the camera's compact form and mirrors GF lenses' design and advanced performance. When combined with a large CMOS sensor, the system prevents peripheral light fall-off to achieve stunning edge to edge sharpness.

Image Format, Size and Aspect

The GFX 100 allows users to capture images in various formats and image qualities. This includes uncompressed / lossless compressed RAW and JPEG formats of varying image sizes, aspect ratios and compression ratios. Its in camera RAW processing gives the option of saving 8bit or 10bit color depth images as 8bit or 16bit TIFF files. When using a 35mm format lens via a mount adapter, the camera can record images in a 36.0mmx24.0mm frame at the center (60.8M) as JPEG or TIFF (in camera RAW processing) formats.


  • * When using the mechanical shutter in CH mode.
  • ** When using the BOOST mode with FRAME RATE PRIORITY.